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  1. Bell Satellite TV Hardware Installation Forum
    This switch has become a little more available recently so I thought I would include it in the Installation forums for anyone interested. It is similar to the DPP44 switch but has 3 inputs and outputs instead of the 4 the DPP44 has. It is about half the price of a DPP44 switch so if you only...
  2. Bell Satellite TV Hardware Installation Forum
    This post is just an index or summary of links for your specific installation needs. If you want to learn about the different parts of a dish look here. For most common Bell installations and Bell approved equipment look here for SW21 and here for SW44. For lnb's with built in switching...
  3. Bell Satellite TV Hardware Installation Forum
    There has been a lot of discussion on the 92XX regarding installation; so much so that I've decided to put together this thread. Now, let me start off by saying that I haven't installed a 92XX myself; most of this info has come through my own research and reading online. If you find anything...
1-3 of 3 Results