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  1. Shaw Gateway
    I'm copy / pasting this from a thread I started on Shaw's community forum to see if I can get more input. The thread is located here:
  2. Internet Television: Streaming (Netflix/Apple TV)
    Hi all. Just started watching Breaking Bad S2 on Netflix on my PS3. The sound is really awful. It's not bandwidth related, because the picture quality is HD and looks great. Interestingly, the "Dolby Digital Plus" logo lights up on my Denon amp for this episode. Which suggests the PS3 is...
  3. Industry News
    The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) today launched a public consultation on the issue of loud television commercials. The federal regulator is inviting comments for the next two months on the possible technical and regulatory measures that would ensure...
  4. Shaw Cable HD tuner and HD PVR Discussion
    A friend noticed that while watching some HD channels it will not be coming through on his receiver in 5.1 even though it says 5.1 in the guide. He has shown me where a program will be coming through on right front and rear only and no other channels have anything coming through then the next...
1-4 of 4 Results