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  1. Bell Canada Home Phone and Internet
    Hi, I just got Bell Fibe Gigabit installed with a Home Hub 3000 and I noticed that it doesn't seems to the internal DNS Server enabled. I get absolutely no DNS resolution inside my network. Everything on the web works just fine, but everything that is inside my house doesn't resolve to any host...
  2. Rogers High Speed Internet and Home Phone
    Kudos to RB Computing. In a July 18th article, I published an article about Rogers hijacking failed DNS lookups. In my article I used a non-existant domain that I made up called The next RB Computing purchased the domain name and redirected it to their shopping...
  3. Rogers High Speed Internet and Home Phone
    Rogers made an interesting change today. They killed the internet for all non public DNS settings. Thanks Rogers. They did this to spam us with advertising when we type in a wrong IP address. I called the help desk and they said well just use a public DNS server (I pay rogers to provide...
1-3 of 3 Results