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  1. Distributel Announces Major Expansion of High Speed Internet Service in Quebec

    Industry News
    Distributel has announced an extensive expansion to its high speed internet network in La Belle Province. The service will now be available in an additional 29 cities across Quebec, including Rimouski, Tros-Rivieres, Drummondville and Shawinigan. "Distributel has aggressive plans to expand...
  2. Distributel now offering cable internet service in Western Canada

    Industry News
    Third Party Internet Access provider Distributel Communications announced today that its now offering high-speed Internet services in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, Richmond and Surrey. Distributel has been offering Internet and telecommunications services in Ontario and Quebec since September...
  3. call termination issues

    VoIP Providers
    I've been with for a few years now, and have helped many people on this forum - though not as much as Mango. :-) For the past month to 6 weeks, I've been experiencing strange issues on outbound calls. Most of the issues have been to the Halifax area. Tonight I tried calling the Bell...