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  1. Industry News
    This week, Bell Media announced that it will be teaming up with iHeartRadio to offer Canadians Digital radio delivered over a wide range of devices. Smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles and automotive entertainment systems will all offer the digital radio content in the new partnership. It’s a...
  2. Industry News
    Prime Minister Stephen Harper has named Jean-Pierre Blais, the new chairman of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission.   Replacing Leonard Katz, Blais is well-qualified for the 5-year appointment, having held senior positions in government as well as at the CRTC itself...
  3. Industry News
    Montreal-based Astral Radio launched a new digital music service on Feb. 1st, offering listeners an on-demand platform plus video streaming. The launch, a first of its kind in Canada, was across the NRJ and Virgin Radio Networks. While listeners get a new means to share and discover music on...
  4. SiriusXM Satellite Radio Holiday Channels on SiriusXM - Starts November 14, 2011.
1-4 of 4 Results