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  1. Sony Adds New Music Unlimited App

    Industry News
    Sony's updated Music Unlimited Service application for iPhone and iPod Touch is now available globally. The new App, free from Sony's App Store, delivers improved performance, offline playback and high quality audio streaming. Once downloaded, the new App allows Music Unlimited Service...
  2. Spotify Planning to Launch in Canada

    Industry News
    Spotify will be launching its music streaming service in Canada, according to the Swedish company’s management team. The official date has not yet been released, nor has the timeline for entry into the Asian and South American markets, also on the company's expansion agenda. Spotify has three...
  3. Music Streamer Deezer Expands to Canada

    Industry News
    French music streamer, Deezer said it will offer services in Canada, Australia and New Zealand starting on April 25th. Deezer boasts 20 million users, 1.5 million paid subscribers, 15 million music tracks and a huge social media presence with 600,000 Facebook fans and 300,000 followers on...
  4. Sony Releases Music Unlimited Service in Canada

    Industry News
    Music fans throughout Canada will have the opportunity to sample a new digital music subscription service starting on March 15th courtesy of the Sony Entertainment Network. Sony's Music Unlimited Service is a cloud-based service where users can access millions of songs on multiple devices...
  5. CBC Releases New Digital Music Service

    Industry News
    Canadian music lovers now have access to a free new digital music service consisting of 40 web radio stations, 14 distinct genre-based music communities, hundreds of concerts and in-depth content from music personalities across the nation. CBC Music was launched on February 13th with the goal...