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  1. Items for Sale
    I am selling these terminals because I've cut the cord. Motorola DCX3400 with 500GB, three years old, very stable unit. Comes with Shaw remote, HDMI cable, power cable, original box. Price: $150 FIRM. I think that's fair if you compare with other sellers. --- Motorola DCT2500 non-HDTV...
  2. EastLink
    (Orinigally posted in the "Eastlink to deploy MPEG-4 Video compression" thread) My dilemma... On my DCX3400 when recording SD and MPEG2 HD, the recordings will play, FF, REW, and delete just fine. MPEG4 channels are another story. Extremely choppy and nearly freezing when FFing or rewinding...
  3. Cogeco
    I'm with Cogeco (Trois-Rivieres, Quebec) and I would like to hear your experience with a DCT64XX bought from a third party (WEB, eBay, from U.S. or Canadian sellers or others) and Cogeco, service from them, compatibility of the equipment, activation problems. Note by 57: When purchasing a used...
1-3 of 3 Results