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  1. EastLink
    My dct6200 taken off line in April, left on my account but shown as inactive, was plugged in last week. All the channels were there, surprised me as according to Eastlink (DeltaCable) it was inactive. There was however no Guide function or information on programming. I have reloaded the software...
  2. EastLink
    Can anyone confirm that the firewire ports are active on Motorola DCT units?
  3. Rogers Cable - Atlantic Canada
    Hi, I've been reading threads on this site and others for about a week now regarding adding an external hard drive to Rogers' Motorola DCT6416 III. I can only find info regarding the Shaw DCT6416 boxes and Rogers SA8000 boxes, and threads saying that some providers have the eSATA ports locked...
  4. Shaw Cable HD tuner and HD PVR Discussion
    On our Motorola DCT 6416 when I am on one of the digital music channels if I try to rewind a song it takes about 30 seconds before the command will register on the PVR. If I hit the rewind button 3 times (to rewind at a faster speed) it will take 20 or more seconds to go to RR1 and then 20 or...
1-4 of 4 Results