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  1. Please comment on my new DBGH8n3 to optimize

    Antenna Research & Development
    Hello all, here are links to my latest build. It took me forever to finish and would like your opinion on a few things. Here is a link to my pics and tvfool radar:!AqktFiXxpEqYr16KwbOtLeiqq7c0 Here is my tvfool for G8V1R5...
  2. DBGHn3

    Antenna Research & Development
    Hello folks, I am currently building a DBGHn3, the one with 18dB gain on UHF and 12dB gain on VHF. All my 1/4 in aluminium for Narods and reflectors are cut, i also finished bending my 4 driven elements. I managed to do it all with the great info here and on various instructables. The one thing...
  3. Optimized DBGH models for UHF - Sept. 2014

    Antenna Research & Development
    I completed the optimization of 16 models of UHF only DBGH and I will be posting them one by one in this thread. They models are DBGH0, DBGH1, ..., DBGH9, DBGH10, and DBGH12, DBGH14,...,DBGH20. the is the...
  4. Precise GH measurements - how important are they?

    Antenna Research & Development
    I have a question related to the design of the DBGH. I notice in the plans that the measurements are extremely precise. In one case, there is a reflector rod spacing measurement of 63.5mm. That is pretty precise. My question is whether...
  5. Which rear reflector to use: wire mesh, or co-linear rods?

    Antenna Research & Development
    I am still quite new to this home made antenna thing, and plan to put together some rendition of the DBGH. I plan to put it roof top. I have read the new user FAQ and a number of threads related to the GH and to my region. Lots of good info. My question is whether to use a wire mesh (such as...
  6. Optimize DBGH for specific stations?

    Antenna Research & Development
    New to the forum, think this is the right spot, if not please move it. Is their a formula too determine ideal lengths / spacings of of the elements for specific channel ranges? I am trying to reach a few distant / weak stations and my current DBGH with a wire mesh reflector isn't hitting...
  7. Introduction to the Gray-Hoverman TV Antenna

    Antenna Research & Development
    The Gray-Hoverman Single and Double Bay UHF AntennasThis is the original Gray-Hoverman antenna, as refined from the original Hoverman designs by member Autofils. Generally most people will want to build one of these models. They provide exceptional performance across the entire post-transitional...