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data centers

  1. Microsoft's Natick is Planning to Build and Run Data Centers Under the Ocean

    Industry News
    Microsoft and Facebook have plans to build a subsea cable to run data between the U.S and Southern Europe, but that’s not all that Microsoft has going on under the sea. Project Natick is Microsoft’s ongoing research project to test the viability of building centers to house their data that...
  2. CentriLogic Buys Mississauga Web Hosting Firm, The Capris Group

    Industry News
    Data centre service provider, CentriLogic said it has acquired managed Web hosting firm, The Capris Group, for $9 million in an all-cash transaction. The Capris Group, founded in 1996, operates a 15,000 square foot data centre in Mississauga (just west of Toronto) and delivers custom web...
  3. WIND Mobile Partners with Data Centre Solutions Firm, CentriLogic

    Industry News
    WIND Mobile has agreed to partner with CentriLogic to support and facilitate its growing Web hosting  and IT infrastructure needs in Canada. WIND said that its back office systems will be fully supported from CentriLogic’s new 16,000 square foot data centre launched recently in downtown...