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  1. Complaints against Canadian wireless companies continue to climb

    Industry News
    In its annual report released last week, Canada’s Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS) is reporting an increase in telecom consumer complaints for the fourth straight year. The commission handles a wide range of complaints about products and services offered in the...
  2. Rogers to change Quickstart menu after customer complaints

    Industry News
    Rogers Cable has informed Digital Home today that it plans to make changes to its new QuickStart Menu after a litany of complaints from subscribers. The new Rogers menu, which forced users to pass through a Rogers marketing screen before they could get to their electronic program guide, met...
  3. TMN removes bugs after Digital Home readers complain

    Industry News
    In an email to Digital Home, The Movie Network (TMN) has informed us that the premium pay tv channel will no longer air pop up ads or "bugs" during the first few minutes of every movie. The decision to remove the bugs follows several weeks of complaints from Digital Home readers who said the 15...
  4. Got a complaint, don't call the CRTC!

    Television Industry / Channels and Providers
    Despite having complete control over which television and radio stations receive licenses and having god-like powers over how cable, satellite radio and television, and telephone companies operate, the CRTC refuses to deal with Canadian consumers who have complaints about how these organizations...