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  1. Comparison Cable/Satellite DVRs and Receiver Hardware in Canada

    Television Industry / Channels and Providers
    Well, since this debate seems to keep coming up, I thought it might be a good idea to start a general topic where we can specifically compare (and keep up to date with) the latest receivers/DVR hardware offered by each major cable and satellite provider in Canada, to give everyone an idea of...
  2. Projection Screen Brands

    HDTV: Front/Rear Projection Screens & Televisions
    I am looking at purchasing a Epson 5030UB projector and screen for my basement home theatre room. A local store has quote some screens from Elite Primevision, Cinema Choice, and Draper. Besides price, are there any differences that I should take into consideration before purchasing? I am...
  3. New report claims Canadian wireless costs below OECD average

    Industry News
    Over the years, it has become an article of faith among Canadians that this country had some of the most expensive wireless voice and data rates in the world. This belief was confirmed by two reports in the last two years: a 2009 OECD report which ranked Canada as the third-most expensive OECD...
  4. Winegard HD7696P vs. Antennacraft HBU-44

    Antenna Research & Development
    As an early birthday present, I recently added an AntennaCraft HBU-44 to my collection of antennas. My purpose was to compare it with the Winegard HD7696P which I've had for some time. The HBU-44 appears to be a close match in the AntennaCraft line to the HD7696P in terms of boom length and...
  5. Do Pace HDPVRs have better video quality than older Motorolas?

    Shaw Cable HD tuner and HD PVR Discussion
    I have a dual-tuner DCT6200 hdpvr. It's of course a bit older. Shaw signal quality has gotten worse and worse over time. I'm wondering if the modern Pace HDPVRs would provide any better image quality? I'm looking to switch to Telus Optik TV, but I called and they said they'd no longer sell...
  6. Wind Mobile: How good is their pricing?

    Industry News
    Wind Mobile, a new wireless phone provider opened up shop in Toronto and Calgary this week offering Canadians in those cities an alternative to the big three wireless companies in Canada, Bell Mobility, Rogers Wireless and Telus Mobility. To assist readers in evaluating the new offerings from...
  7. Is there a place in TO where properly adjusted TVs can be compared?

    HDTV: High Definition Television (LCD & Plasma)
    Hi there, Frankly, I find it fraustrating that in all the stores (Future Shop, Best Buy, etc) none of the TVs are properly adjusted and therefore cannot be objectively compared... They all look as bad, and even if some look better than others you can't truly know if it's because the TV is...
  8. Vonage vs. Primus

    VoIP Providers
    I am currently looking to cancel my bell home phone line, and moving over to VOIP. I am unsure which service is the best right now. Can anyone please give me some pro & cons Vonage vs. Primus (or even if there is a better provider out there) Will I notice a difference in phone quality, or...