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  1. Industry News
    If you logged onto the internet circa 1997, chances are you heard this guy, Elwood Edwards, greet you with a warm “Welcome! You’ve got mail.” Is this what you thought he would look like?
  2. Industry News
    The mannequin challenge is the newest Internet craze, and celebrities like Kevin Hart and friends are joining in too. Watch this...
  3. Industry News
    CNN's Will Ripley gives us a peek into Japan's robot revolution—and what he finds might just be the future of robots in the homes of the world.
  4. Industry News
    CNN's Andrew Stevens asks Xiaomi VP Hugo Barra about the new Mi Mix phone and whether it will help the company grow again. Here's the video showing this stunning new edgeless design.
  5. What's On Television?
    Eastern time 6a-9am: American Morning 9a-4pm:CNN Newsroom 4pm: Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer 6pm: John King, USA 7pm: Erin Burnett 8pm: Anderson Cooper 360° 9pm: Piers Morgan Tonight 10pm: AC 360 re-air 11pm: Erin Burnett re-air 12am: Piers Morgan...
1-5 of 5 Results