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  1. CIRA's Custom Testing Portals Begin Gauging Internet Performance Across Canada

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    Interested in finding out more about the actual quality of your Internet service? Read on. This month, the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) announced the beginning of its national program to support Canadian communities in measuring, assessing, and monitoring local Internet...
  2. Study Says New Brunswick has the Fastest Download Speeds in Canada and the Yukon, the Slowest

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    Feel like your relative's Internet is way faster than yours, every time you visit? It probably is. A new study conducted by the Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) has found that Internet speeds vary widely across Canada. New Brunswick takes the cake in Canada as the province with...
  3. .CA Opens Registration to Fund $1 million In Projects for a Better Online Canada

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    Every individual and organization with a .CA website has helped fund projects that build a better online Canada, says the CIRA (Canadian Internet Registration Authority). It’s a fact that the proceeds from each .CA registration go towards the .CA Community Investment Program, a program which...
  4. CIRA Launches French-language Domain Names

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    The organization that manages .CA domains is now allowing Canadians to register .CA Internet addresses correctly in both official languages. The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) is now supporting the use of all French characters in .CA domain names for the first time. French .CA...
  5. CIRA Hits Two Million Mark for .CA Domains

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    The Canadian Internet Registration Authority (CIRA) reported it has crossed the two million mark for registered .CA Internet domain names. While it took 21 years to achieve the first million, just four years were required to get to the second million. It's quite fitting that the milestone...
  6. CIRA Hosting ICANN 45 Forum in Toronto

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    Several technology leaders will be in Toronto next week for ICANN 45 meetings and panel sessions on the operation, security and infrastructure of the Internet. "We are proud to have been chosen by ICANN to host this important forum," said Byron Holland, President and CEO of Canadian Internet...
  7. Canada's .CA Turns 25

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    The .CA top-level domain turns 25 years old on May 14th. So if you've done the math correctly, you know that in 1987 .CA was born. If you're wondering who was using the Internet back in '87, you're not alone. Extremely few Canadians were online, and the only people registering .CA domains were...