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  1. I Know What to Do with Chromecast and VLC Now, but Can't Delete My Thread

    Home Theatre Personal Computer & Media Extenders
    I had a question re: using Chromecast with the VLC player on my laptop, and found out that VLC now supports Chromecast. But I can't delete my thread. :( Please delete...
  2. 5 things About Google Chromecast Streaming TV

    Industry News
    If you want to boost the abilities of your TV, Google's tool is a worthwhile one to consider. Ok, Google Chromecast, the small device that lets you watch streamed video content on your TV even if it isn’t a smart TV has been out for a while. It first came to Canada way back in 2014 , and has...
  3. Set up Chromcast from a Window PC

    New Member Forum - Introductions
    Hello, I'm new to this forum and hoping that I could get some help.... I'm trying to set up Chromecast on my SONY Bravia TV. I set up the Chromecast device on the TV and go to and select Set Up your Chromecast with this PC. I can see the ChromecastXXXX on TV and the access...
  4. Amazon to Quit Selling Apple TV and Chromecast

    Industry News
    In what looks like a bid to make their own streaming media players more competitive, Amazon has announced that they will stop selling similar streaming devices made by Apple and Google on their site. An article in the New York Times stated that according to messages from resellers posted in...
  5. Google Rolls Out New Hardware Including New Nexus Phones and Tablet

    Industry News
    Yesterday, Google announced the release of a variety of new hardware including two new Nexus phones, new Chromecasts, and the Pixel C Android tablet. Here’s a breakdown of the some the items and their features: Nexus 6P Google’s new flagship phone has a slightly smaller screen than its...
  6. Chromecast and denon 2807

    Home Theatre Corner
    It's hard to believe my equipment is now so old :( but life goes on. Recently picked up a samsung galaxy tab s (android) and in order to watch various movies on my aquos, I got a chromecast. Using ezcast, I can out put those movies (and everything else) I find online via chromecast to the tv...