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  1. More OTA Channels with Roku TV Than with HDHomeRun Duo. Why?

    Home Theatre Personal Computer & Media Extenders
    Can anybody explain to me why my Roku TV is pulling in more channels than my HDHomerun Duo? Both are being fed by my 8-bay Channel Master antenna that’s hooked up to an amp before being split to the two devices. Thanks!
  2. Sudden loss of (analogue) channels

    ok. so i was watching A&E on channel 931 when it changed to channel 937. i did not touch the remote; it just changed. when i looked at the guide the following channels are missing: 929 - Much 930 - TLC 931 - A&E 932 - Spike TV 933 935 - tln 936 for some odd reason we get the channels that are...
  3. Rogers basic F1

    Rogers Cable TV
    Need help with channels Hello I am new to Rogers cable and have basic pack for now. On web site I have found an option to add channels: - animal planet - discovery civilisation - national geographic The first question is if they are HD channels? And here is second question: I have found that...
  4. digital cable wihtout a digital cable box

    Rogers Cable TV
    Hi. I live in Toronto and I have Rogers VIP cable and am currently using their Scientific Atlanta Explorer 1840 digital cable box. I don't want to rent this box anymore and I don't want to buy it either. Why can't I just put the cable from the wall directly into the back of my TV? When I try...
  5. Analog Channels in Peterborough

    So I had a Cogeco tech come to my place today to fix my service. During our conversation, I made a comment about how crappy the analog channels (1-70) look on the Motorola Box. The tech told me that Peterborough has not switched over to digital channels yet and that areas such as Lindsay and...
  6. Shaw basic... +t1 +t2 +t3 +music for free?

    Shaw Cable
    Recently noticed the changes to the channel line-up last couple weeks. I subscribe to the most basic, 2-13 & YTV & Much basically. At first I thought they just changed the numbers around, then I finally broke and forced an auto-scan on my Sony Bravia. 'super wicked dude..' now I have all basic...
  7. shaw guide - don't show channels that are not available

    Shaw Cable
    Just got shaw digital and have the dtc700 box. Is there a way for the guide to filter out all the channels I don't get and only show the ones I do get? Thought I could do this using "Favourites" but the problem is that when you press guide, it starts with all channels showing and then pressing...
  8. Change to Channel Line-up Coming

    Bell Fibe TV
    Received an email this evening. The change is coming April 19 and won't impact your PVR settings according to the email and link. Email was titled "We're Making Room for More HD". I have extracted the key bits. On April 19th, we will be making a number of channel adjustments to make sure we...
  9. No HD Channels on 6131

    Bell Satellite TV Hardware Installation Forum
    After finally getting an HDTV I was excited to watch some HD channels, but none show up on the guide. After going through the satellite and transponder combo's and check switches with help from Bell, nothing worked. They told me it was because my dish is too small and I need to get a 20". Do I...
  10. Telus TV Channel Listings and User Guides

    Telus IPTV (also known as Optik TV)
    The following are .pdf files of channel listings in the respective Telus TV listings. Calgary(PDF 552KB) Fort McMurray (PDF 553KB) Edmonton (PDF 553KB) Lower Mainland (PDF 553KB) Whistler (PDF 553KB) Grande Prairie (PDF 553KB) Updated May 13, 2010 These channel guides are no longer current...
  11. List your favorite ten channels

    Television Industry / Channels and Providers
    I found this old thread today. As this thread is five years old, everyone's best channels probably evolved. So, list your favorite ten channels. Are channels better now than then? Here's mine: Documentary Discovery Health One Book Discovery BBC News National Geographic Historia (french)...
  12. New Sault Ste. Marie Channels - TSN2 and HD

    Shaw Cable
    I sent a rant email to Shaw about the non-availability of channels like TSN2 and HD, The Golf Channel HD and CityTV in Sault Ste. Marie. I got a phone call later that day saying sorry, but that TSN2 would be available in Sault Ste. Marie starting tomorrow, Tuesday February 24, 2009. Good news...
  13. New Sirius Line-up now official

    SiriusXM Satellite Radio
    New Sirius Line-up Complete list of Music channels is here
  14. Sirius XM Merging 50 stations on November 12th

    SiriusXM Satellite Radio
    According to several U.S. fan websites, Sirius XM will be simulcasting approximately 50 stations on both XM and Sirius beginning on November 12th. This has apparently been "confirmed" obliquely by an XM Promo and an XM on-air personality.
  15. Viva TV launches next month

    Television Industry / Channels and Providers
    Corus Entertainment announced today that, effective November 3rd, the analog specialty channel CLT (Canadian Learning Television) will become VIVA, a women’s specialty channel targeting boomer women aged 40 to 64.
  16. Life with Playstation starts today

    Video Game Consoles and PC Gaming
    Sony today announced that it would release Life with PlayStation for the PS3 today. Sony describes Life as a "lifestyle service" with which lets users access news and information from around the world through their internet connected PS3. Initial content will include the Live Channel and the...