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  1. Channel Master 4248/3023 UHF Yagi

    Antenna Research & Development
    Going to pull the 3023 out of storage and try it at a new location. I have a house in an area where I have some weak signals for channels 26 and 30. NM is around plus 2 to to 3 for each and both are 2 edge. Multipath prone area since it is is an urban area with lots of taller structures...
  2. ON - City of Toronto Metro Area <OUTDOOR Antennas Only> - OTA

    OTA Reception Results
    Hi All. First post on the forum but have been researching the OTA digital issue for over a year with the benefit of this forums discussions. My reception is similar to T Shirt Ninja's: This is my setup: Receiver: Samsung SIR T451 Antenna: Rat Shack Roof Mounted Yagi / Mast mounted pre-amp with...