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  1. Canadian Telcos Lose Court Appeal Over CRTC Wireless Code

    Industry News
    In news that’s sure to please Canadians everywhere (particularly those of us still trapped in 3-year contracts with our wireless providers), the country’s most powerful telecomm companies have lost their court appeal over the final implementation date of the CRTC’s national wireless code. The...
  2. CRTC Wireless Code Allows Cancellation of Cell Phone Contracts After 2-Years

    Industry News
    The new wireless code introduced by the CRTC on June 3rd enables Canadians to cancel their cell phone contracts after two years. Before you call up your wireless provider, note that the code will apply to new contracts for cell phones and other personal mobile devices starting on December 2...
  3. Canadians Urging CRTC to Ban 3-year Cell Phone Contracts

    Industry News
    If being locked into a 3-year cell phone contract infuriates you to no end and you'd really like to take it out on the wireless providers, the CRTC has an open ear. Several hundred Canadians took advantage of a public consultation and wrote in to the Canadian Radio-television and...