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  1. You Can Now Swap Out TV Channels You Don't Want for Those You Do, with Eastlink

    Industry News
    Feel like you’ve never watched some of your TV channels? Many viewers- in fact, as much as 74%- feel the same. And Eastlink is listening. Canada’s Eastlink is now giving customers more choice when it comes to TV viewing. Eastlink customers can now swap out channels they don’t want in their...
  2. CRTC to Introduce New Watchdog for Cable and Satellite TV Complaints

    Industry News
    Consumers who have a complaint about the TV service they are receiving from a cable or satellite provider will soon be able to have their voice heard with the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services, (CCTS). The CCTS currently functions as an independent watchdog on...
  3. Rugby Union Cable Options

    What's On In Sports?
    I use Shaw Cable in Vancouver and used to pay extra for their SportsNet World programming that gave excellent access to Rugby Union games being played in competitions around the world (Europe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand). Recently SportsNet World stopped providing their Rugby Union...
  4. Cogeco dropping HDNet at the end of January

    Industry News
    Cogeco, the country's fourth largest cable television operator, has announced that it will drop HDNet from its high definition (HD) television line-up at the end of this month. The removal of the digital channel follows similar moves by Rogers cable and Bell TV. Bell TV dropped HDNet in...
  5. Rogers basic F1

    Rogers Cable TV
    Need help with channels Hello I am new to Rogers cable and have basic pack for now. On web site I have found an option to add channels: - animal planet - discovery civilisation - national geographic The first question is if they are HD channels? And here is second question: I have found that...
  6. How To Run OTA And Cable On Same TV?

    Over-The-Air (OTA) Digital Television
    Hi I at present have just analog cable but would like too also have OTA DTV since I live in Toronto and have a good line of sight too the CN Tower. My new TV has a Quam tuner in it. Is there a way to combine the 2 signals into one coaxial cable??? If not, what would be an alternative...