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  1. Shaw Cable
    Hi I purchased 2 cable boxes from future shop - shaw said they have to be added into inventory and "moved from futureshops inventory" (some reps said that) - so they said no problem. .. they said that will take 24 hours - i a follow up - nothing - dropped calls - letters/unreturned calls...
  2. Home Theatre Personal Computer & Media Extenders
    Hey help please! I have a dedicated HTPC in my living room but no tuner card. This is not a big deal as I am stuck with shaw digital cable bundled with my high speed internet and I don't record much just using a DVD recorder if I have to. I wirelessly mouse and keyboard from the PC for streaming...
  3. Rogers Cable TV
    Hi. I live in Toronto and I have Rogers VIP cable and am currently using their Scientific Atlanta Explorer 1840 digital cable box. I don't want to rent this box anymore and I don't want to buy it either. Why can't I just put the cable from the wall directly into the back of my TV? When I try...
  4. Access Communications
    I Fixed my problem, please delete this post.
1-4 of 4 Results