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  1. Focus on: Bluetooth Record Players

    Industry News
    Bluetooth record players are a great way to showcase your old records and combine them with new technology. What’s a record player? For you youngins, it’s a turntable, and people once played things called ‘records’ on them. You could listen to music- but only about 8 songs per side, at a time-...
  2. Device for 2 Bluetooth headphones at once?

    Portable Electronics: Cameras/eBooks/iPods/GPS
    I am looking for a bluetooth transmitter splitter with 3.5mm headphone jack. When kids are sleeping in next room, I like to watch TV with wife, with out disturbing kids sleep. So, thinking, we both can connect our bluetooth headphones to TV with 3.5 headphone jack. Come accross something, at...
  3. iControlPad 2 - bluetooth gamepad

    Smartphone/Tablet (Android, Blackberry & iOS)
    Kickstarter ending soon for Bluetooth gamepad for iOS/Android, etc: Hopefully they meet their goal, not long left. I want to try one as an XBMC remote, and of course gaming on my iOS devices. Granted...
  4. Bluetooth A2DP Speaker Setup

    Home Theatre Corner
    Hello folks, I recently bought my first house and am trying to setup a sound system for my kitchen. I decided I wanted to go wireless, and also go bluetooth A2DP so I could play audio from the kitchen laptop and from my cell phone. I looked around, and found exactly what I wanted...
  5. Rocketfish USB Bluetooth Mouse Wheel Workaround for Linux

    I purchased a Rocketfish Bluetooth USB Keyboard & Mouse (model RF-BTCMBO) and found that the mouse works but its wheel is evidently not supported in GNU/Linux. I run Mandriva, but I've seen on the Ubuntu forums that users have not been able to get it to run for them either until someone found...