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  1. What's On Blu-ray, DVD and in the theatres.
    Interesting. Blockbuster closed up shop and Rogers Video sales have plummeted so this press release was surprising today.
  2. Industry News
    In emails to customers this week, and Rogers Video Direct have announced a reduction in service and an increase in prices. The move comes just a month after the demise of Blockbuster Canada, Zip and Rogers Video Direct biggest competitor in Canada. Starting November 1, Blu-ray discs...
  3. Industry News
    Grant Thornton Ltd., the Receiver of Blockbuster Canada has announced the movie and video game rental chain is going out of business. After being pushed into receivership in May, the receiver closed approximately 150 of the Company's underperforming retail locations in June and continued to...
  4. Industry News
    Dallas Texas based Blockbuster Inc. has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in the United States. The Movie and Video game rental chain, which operates over 6,500 stores in eighteen countries, is over $1 billion in debt and has stopped paying interest to its lenders. Under a financial...
  5. Industry News
    Wind Mobile and Blockbuster Canada today announced an agreement that would see thirteen Blockbuster stores in the Greater Toronto Area and three in Calgary feature Wind Mobile products. Under the terms of the deal, the sixteen Blockbuster locations will house a 150 square foot "store within a...
1-5 of 5 Results