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  1. HD Satellite TV to HTPC

    Home Theatre Personal Computer & Media Extenders
    I currently have a HTPC running xmbc and i was hoping to be able to buy an hd tv tuner card for my pc to beable to stream live tv. Unfortunately i cannot find any current information on this. I would like to use bell expressvu or shaw but if there are others that you can suggest that will work...
  2. Satellite Dish Question

    Bell Satellite TV Hardware Installation Forum
    A few days ago i ordered the nimiq 2 kit from bell for my satellite. But while i am waiting for my kit i have been reading around and found a problem. The problem is I have a bell 18" or I assume it is as it was bought more than 10 years ago satellite dish. Anyway as Ive read multiple times you...
  3. Not seeing special combo channels

    Bell Satellite TV
    Does anyone know why I would loose channels on my receiver @ secondary location ? I'm using Bell (with South Asian combo) which works fine @ primary but not @ secondary, as I'm seeing every other channel but South Asian channels. note: @primary : I've signals for both 82 and 91 @secondary: I've...
  4. Installation Questions - See Links in Post 1.

    Bell Satellite TV Hardware Installation Forum
    Edit by 57 - here's a link for the various LNBFs: 92XX series installation: 92XX/94XX Installation 101 - Canadian TV, Computing and Home Theatre Forums Having read the topics of attaining satellite 82 after receiving satellite 91 the...