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  1. Local DNS on Home Hub 3000

    Bell Canada Home Phone and Internet
    Hi, I just got Bell Fibe Gigabit installed with a Home Hub 3000 and I noticed that it doesn't seems to the internal DNS Server enabled. I get absolutely no DNS resolution inside my network. Everything on the web works just fine, but everything that is inside my house doesn't resolve to any host...
  2. Internet: Virgin vs Bell-Who Has a Better Deal?

    Industry News
    Looking for internet service? Wondering how different plans add up? We’ve examined the current internet plans from Virgin and Bell, to see who has the better deal. Each company has something slightly different to offer and either could be best bet for you, depending on what you need. Here’s...
  3. Bell Fibe TV Customers Will No Longer Need Fibe Internet to Access TV Services in 2017

    Industry News
    This Tuesday, Bell announced a change to their Fibe TV service. Beginning in 2017, the company says Fibe TV customers will no longer be required to also sign up for Fibe Internet service in order to access their Fibe TV service. "As we align our next-generation IPTV technologies, we're...
  4. Bell Launches Gigabit Fibe Internet in Toronto

    Industry News
    Bell today announced the launch of what it's calling "North America’s fastest internet" in Toronto. The new Gigabit Fibe service will be rolled out to 1.1 million Toronto homes and businesses, with 50,000 gaining access this summer. The company also indicated that it would be launching the...
  5. Bell Gigabit Fibe Discussion

    Bell Canada Home Phone and Internet
    Here are the highlights from Bell's press release: Bell Gigabit Fibe bringing the fastest Internet to Toronto residents with a billion-dollar+ network investment, creation of 2,400 direct jobs Bell Canada today announced it will deliver gigabit-per-second Internet speeds to homes and...
  6. micro coupure internet Fibe 10

    Bell Télé (Forum en français)
    Bonjour, j'ai internet Fibe 10, et suis avec Bell Fibe depuis le début à Montréal. J'utilise beaucoup la musique sans fil chez moi, et j'avais régulièrement des coupures de son. Je mettais ça sur le compte de mon réseau wifi interne. Depuis 2 mois, je me suis fait installer un système complet...
  7. Bell Adds $10 Unlimited Internet on Triple Service Bundle

    Industry News
    Bell is adding a $10 unlimited Internet option for customers who choose a Bell triple bundle including TV, Internet and either Bell Home Phone or Bell Mobility wireless service. "Canadians are the heaviest Internet users in the world and our time spent online is growing every day. Thanks to...
  8. Getting internet for my log cabin without paying for a second bell subscription

    Bell Canada Home Phone and Internet
    Hello all, I think this is possible. I just don't know how..I was hoping I could get some insight from everyone here since you all seem to really know your stuff. Basically I have a home in Montreal and I am on the Bell Fibe 15/10 plan, and would like to use this single paid subscription on a...
  9. Bell Launches Fibe TV in Quebec City

    Industry News
    Bell has introduced its Fibe TV service to Quebec City with high-speed fibre optic technology available directly to residences and businesses beginning March 12th. The $220 million investment is the largest 'fibre to the home' network rollout of its kind in Canada, supporting enhanced...
  10. Bell jacking up prices of Phone, Internet and TV in New Year

    Industry News
    Telecommunications giant Bell Canada this week began notifying consumers that it is raising phone, internet and television rates in the New Year. Effective January 1st, 2012, Bell is raising television rates by $3 a month, phone rates by $2 a month and internet rates by $2 per month plus the...
  11. Rogers Vs. Bell Fibe TV

    Television Industry / Channels and Providers
    Hi, I just wanted some advice, my contract has ended for my Rogers cable tv and of course the discounts I was receiving ended. I have home phone and internet with Bell so they have approached me in the past about Fibe TV. After learning more about this it seems like it offers more that what I...
  12. Bell raising Internet and Fibe TV prices in May

    Industry News
    Bell Canada this month has informed its Internet and Fibe TV customers in Ontario that they can expect a monthly fee increase $3 per month beginning in May. Meanwhile, Bell Internet and Fibe TV customers in Quebec will face monthly fee increases of between $1 and $3 per month starting next...
  13. Bell Canada slapped with $1.3 million fine for violating DNCL Rules

    Industry News
    The CRTC announced today that Bell Canada has paid a $1.3 million penalty for violating the National Do Not Call List Rules. The government found that between January and October of this year, call centres acting on behalf of Bell Canada solicited consumers who had registered their numbers on...
  14. Expansion of Bell DLS Coverage

    Bell Canada Home Phone and Internet
    Does anyone know of an accurate source for getting Bell's DSL expansion plans in Ontario? I'm moving to a rural area and I'm having to go with the Xplornet's Ka Band satellite service. The more I hear about it, the more concerned I am about it meeting my needs (e.g.: latency issues, throttling...
  15. Bell Internet increase $44.95 - call Bell for $37.95

    Bell Canada Home Phone and Internet
    I received a letter by email from Bell recently telling me that as of February 2009 my internet service would cost $5/mo more, up from $39.95 to $44.95. I called to tell them that they've priced themselves out of the market and asked if my rate could be maintained at $39.95/mo. By the end of...
  16. Bell is Canada's largest ISP with 2.05 million connections

    Bell Canada Home Phone and Internet
    from 3Q results today Bell added 33,000 new high-speed Internet customers in the third quarter of 2008 bringing the number of HSI connections to 2,046,000 which maintains their #1 status