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  1. CRTC handling of bandwidth throttling complaints is toothless

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    After a steady stream of complaints from consumers over bandwidth throttling, the CRTC this week issued guidelines on how it will deal with Canadian consumer's who complain about bandwidth throttling by their Internet service providers (ISPs). "The policy sets out clear ground rules, which we...
  2. Netflix now has 800,000 Canadian customers

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    California based Netflix announced this week that its online video subscription service added 3.6 million customers in the first three months of this year. Netflix, which launched in Canada last September, ended March with a total of 23.6 million subscribers, 22.8 million in the U.S. and...
  3. Videotron boosts bandwidth cap on select plans

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    Videotron, Quebec's largest cable and internet service provider, has announced that it will increase the bandwidth cap on three of its Internet service plans effective April 1st. The increases are on Videotron's three lower level plans, Basic, High Speed, Ultimate 15 which range in price from...
  4. Bell rumoured to be raising Internet prices in May

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    Corporate insiders tell Digital Home that Bell Canada is expected to increase the price of its Internet Service Packages by $3 per month effective May 1st. We've also been informed that an "Extreme usage" fee which will kick in after 300GB of usage will also be implemented. The fee is expected...
  5. Routers which let you track your internet usage

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    DD-WRT is an open source router firmware also has a feature that can keep track of your bandwidth usage. It doesn't work on all router models, so I recommend checking out their website to see if it would work on your router. Although it doesn't have the traffic control feature like in NetGear...
  6. Usage Based Internet Billing: What can you do?

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    Internet traffic number estimates by the University of Minnesota Internet Traffic Studies and Cisco Systems have found that monthly Internet traffic in North America and around the world has grown by an astounding 40 to 50% per year in the last decade. In their Visual Networking Index (VNI)...
  7. Surveying Internet Rates across Canada

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    Over the last year, virtually every major Canadian Internet Service Provider has announced significant price increases and/or a significant reduction in service . For example, last October Shaw Cable raised the cost of their high speed internet by $2 per month, an amount well above inflation...
  8. Rogers cuts Internet Service without reducing prices

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    Without any announcement, Rogers Cable this month has cut service on some of its most popular Internet Service plans without any changes in pricing. The changes mean that Rogers customers will have to subscribe to more expensive internet plans in order to receive the same level of service. For...
  9. CRTC okays use of bandwidth throttling

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    The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) this week introduced a new framework which the federal regulator says will guide Internet service providers (ISPs) in their use of bandwidth throttling practices. To the disappointment of consumers, rather than banning the...