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  1. Industry News
    Online backup service provider, Mozy, today announced an updated Windows version of its online backup software which works in conjunction with its online back up service. The company, which is owned by the EMC corporation, says that along with an improved user interface, it has made significant...
  2. Industry News
    Summer photos and videos are guaranteed to bring back magic holiday memories, but just how safely are people storing their precious pictures and other digital content? According to a recent survey conducted by F-Secure in the United States and seven other countries, many people have gone...
  3. Home Computing
    Just curious if anyone has used Mozy backup service before? I was thinking of signing up. It is less than $5 US/month for unlimited storage. Just not sure how good they are.
  4. Home Computing
    At CES 2009 in Las Vegas, SanDisk Corporation introduced its latest line-up of USB flash drives which included the "Ultra Backup USB flash drive." The new device allows Window's users to backup selected computer files at the touch of a button. Not for power users, but a nice idea. Stick the...
1-4 of 5 Results