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  1. Device for 2 Bluetooth headphones at once?

    Portable Electronics: Cameras/eBooks/iPods/GPS
    I am looking for a bluetooth transmitter splitter with 3.5mm headphone jack. When kids are sleeping in next room, I like to watch TV with wife, with out disturbing kids sleep. So, thinking, we both can connect our bluetooth headphones to TV with 3.5 headphone jack. Come accross something, at...
  2. Chromecast and denon 2807

    Home Theatre Corner
    It's hard to believe my equipment is now so old :( but life goes on. Recently picked up a samsung galaxy tab s (android) and in order to watch various movies on my aquos, I got a chromecast. Using ezcast, I can out put those movies (and everything else) I find online via chromecast to the tv...
  3. NextBox 3.0 (Cisco 9865) Discussions - Read Post 1

    Rogers Cable TV: HD PVR Discussion
    Edit by 57: A summary of items discussed in this thread is in the link below: Cisco 9865 (NextBox 3.0) Summary List - The Good, The Bad and The Huh? - Canadian TV, Computing and Home Theatre Forums Other useful Links in the following Post: New 8 tuner PVR... NextBox 3.0 Discussions (Cisco...
  4. Audio trouble with Shaw HD receivers/PVRs

    Shaw Cable HD tuner and HD PVR Discussion
    Hi All: This occurred today. When I turned on one of our PVRs, it would play no audio -- not live TV, not the currently recording ball game, not things recorded days ago. As a test, the BluRay player's audio played fine through the Pioneer AVR VSX-510. This also happened a few weeks ago to...
  5. Just finished new build with silent Intel Atom

    Good news for server builders and dedicated device system builders! Asus has fully qualified their miniITX Atom D525 series to use Fedora64 and Ubuntu64. The onboard audio is great, no pops, hum. It even does not suffer the usual bs from the pulse audio mixer software in Linux. Looks like IDT...
  6. LG optical digital audio only works on some

    Home Theatre Corner
    I have a new LG 55LE5400; many of the features of this HD LED tv are great, but a audio output to feed a hearing aid loop is critical to me. I was prepared for not having an analog audio output by having a optical to analog converter box; now i find this box only works with some programming...
  7. Hooking up new TV to exisiting home theatre system

    Home Theatre Corner
    Hoping someone out there can help me out.... I have recently purchased a new TV and I'm having some audio hook-up problems.... I would like the sound from my new TV to broadcast through my existing home theatre system. My TV (LG model 42LE5300) only has an "optical digital audio out" output...
  8. Audio Drop-outs/Video delay

    Over the last month so, the audio constantly drops out. I'm watching TSN HD right now and sometimes it drops 5 times in a row. I've reset the PVR, changed cables, flipped the cable and nothing seems to fix it. The audio doesn't match the video most of the time (HD channels). Sometimes the show...
  9. Forcing use of digital audio connection

    Telus IPTV (also known as Optik TV)
    Hi, Enjoying the Optik system and have a question. I use HDMI for my video signal. After about 2.5 hours of watching television, the audio signal goes all out of phase on my Pnansonic wide screen TV. I'd like to try using the digital out from the Optik box, but it seems that with HDMI, the...
  10. Problem with HDMI cable and dubbing?

    Home Theatre Corner
    Hey everyone, I'm a novice here so these questions might sound stupid. I just got a new flat panel tv and a dvr (motorola 3416). I have it connected via HDMI cable but the dubbing seems to be off. I did a google search and saw a few recommendations to move to component cables instead. Is this...
  11. Anyone Tried This App?

    Home Theatre Construction
    Good morning all, I've recently completed my basement reno which has allowed me to drastically improve my HT setup (wall mount flat screen, wall mount front and center speakers, rear stands...). I am now looking into the final tweaks, which will include me buying the Spears & Munsil Blu-Ray...
  12. Connection Challenge, Help Pleeease!

    Home Theatre Construction
    Hi Guys, I am new to this forum and I need help somehow making these work. These are all I have can somebody help me put them together without burning the receiver. I dont even know if the current receiver can handle this but other wise I will purchase a new one. I included the specs of the...
  13. Computer and HDTV to same speakers

    Home Theatre Personal Computer & Media Extenders
    I have a PC and a HDTV both of whose sound outputs are currently going to one set of speakers using the flimsy soldered cables that I prepared. i was wondering if there is some product where I can input several audio connection into one component and get a single output. (I know there are some...
  14. Separating 3-way Speakers

    Home Theatre Corner
    Ok, let me explain my system first.. I have a Mac Mini with a Y-Cable attaching it to the receiver (red + white RCA). It is an RCA RT2770 receiver, 1000W, 5.1 ch. amp. It is hooked up to 12 different speaker boxes: FL x 2, FR x 2, CN x 1, RL x 2, RR x 2, SUB x 3. Now, with the subwoofers, two...
  15. SACD--Super Audio CD

    Home Theatre Corner
    I have a Sony player which can handle SACD and a Yamaha AVR which can handle the analogue inputs. I have never set it up as I was underwhelmed by reviews that indicated the SACD audio was only marginally better than regular CD. Hopefully there are some users here with experience using the...
  16. Dolby Digital problems on PBSHD,CBCHD, and other HD channels

    Has anyone else been experiencing problems with Dollby Digital signals from the HD channels? I have a 4250HD STB and a Yamaha Natural Sound 5.1 channel receiver. When I set the Audio output on the STB to Dolby Digital NR and the surround decode on my receiver to Dolby Digital, I miss audio...
  17. Optical Audio vs. HDMI Audio?

    A/V Receivers and Amplifiers
    please Demystify the Mystified? Hello and Welcome to a Thread to discover if the optical connection is equal to that of HDMI. I have read in Some spots that HDMI can Transfer 8 discrete chanels of audio at 24bit/196KHz and Optical can't? has anybody the proof of this?
  18. Rogers' Digital Cable Remote Control Discussions - See Link In Post 1

    Rogers Cable TV
    Edit by 57. If you need additional information on the specific remote, the following website is very useful. You can find device codes, get basic programming information, download the (quick) manuals, etc: Universal Electronics Remote Control Support Good Day peeps. Having a great level of...