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  1. Shaw Direct Satellite
    Is anyone experiencing problems with 5.1 audio on CBS West HD? I've noticed the past few weeks that audio is primarily only from the centre channel. 5.1 audio on the other Seattle networks seems fine.
  2. Shaw Direct Satellite
    I have a DSR530 and a 2-sat Ku LNB on a 75E dish which has worked well but had been acting up for about a week. The sound was out of sync and very grainy, sometimes there was no sound all and some channels only worked after I changed to another channel on the other satellite and went back to...
  3. Bell Fibe TV
    I'm trying to reach out again on this ongoing issue that I have - with audio dropouts. I'm running my Bell Fibe (the old Bell Entertainment VIP 1216) receiver via HDMI to a receiver. I often get audioi 'dropouts' where the audio will blip for one second. If i use the replay feature and skip...
1-3 of 3 Results