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  1. Home Theatre Corner
    Hi All, As you may have seen in another thread, I was seeking a pair of towers to use in my main system, as I could never get the whole bookshelf/sub blending right for 2-channel music. Anyways, I was lucky enough to score a really nice set of Sound Dynamics RTS-P100 this weekend. Kind of the...
  2. Home Theatre Corner
    Hi all, Looking at picking up a used set of speakers, and wondered who has had experience with Mirage. Currently I am using API products (Athenas), and have heard the Mirages are interesting. Anyways, a seller is offering a set of Mirage M-390is speakers, which are not a Mirage dipole...
  3. Home Theatre Corner
    So, I'm feeling experimental, and bring my old Boston A70s down for the bedroom where I have them hooked up to a NAD 7400. Thinking I'd like to see how an acoustic suspension speaker sounds in my living room (versus my rear ported Athena AS-B2s). So, hook up one on the Left channel, and get...
  4. Home Theatre Corner
    Hi All, I currently have a home theater that includes: - 2 x Athena AS-B2 (fronts) - 2 x Athena AS-B1.1 (surrounds) - 1 x Athena AS-C1 (centre) - 1 x Cerwin Vega Sub12 (sub, duh) - Harman/Kardon AVR230 6.1 AVR Now, I've always loved this system. The speakers had a natural roll-off at high...
1-4 of 4 Results