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  1. Cogeco Arris TG1672 wireless security breach

    Using a Cogeco TiVO setup with the Arris TG1672 cable modem/router. Since installation a long time ago, I've had the Arris configured with both wireless channels disabled and SSID broadcast disabled. (Using my own Asus wireless router instead) This week I noticed that the two disabled channels...
  2. Loosing Internet connection shaw

    Shaw High Speed Internet and Home Phone
    It does not matter if I am using a direct connection on my computer, or wireless on my tablet,phone or Smart TV I am loosing Internet connection. My icons show I am connected without any errors showing. When I troubleshoot the problem it comes back and says modem has lost connectivity and to...
  3. Severe macroblocking on Weather Network HD (ch745)

    Is anyone else, or more specifically, anyone with the Maestro system seeing this on channel 745, especially in Ontario? It was fine with my Motorola equipment the day before the new system was installed. Also, this happens on every terminal. This is the only channel that this happens on...
  4. Shaw Gateway television system launches in Calgary

    Industry News
    In Calgary last week, without any fanfare, Shaw Cable launched the Shaw Gateway made by Arris which offers Shaw digital cable customers a Whole Home High Definition Personal Video Recording (HD PVR) solution. At the heart of the system is the Gateway, a digital set top box type device which...