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  1. Problems for Bell Customers Calling 911 from the Apple Watch Series 3

    Industry News
    It will work, but the device may not relay your exact location to emergency operators unless it's paired with your phone. If you have the new  Apple Watch Series 3 and you’re connected to the Bell Mobility LTE network, this is for you. It was recently announced by Bell that there are some...
  2. Where to Use Apple Pay in Canada

    Industry News
    Curious about Apple Pay and where to use it in Canada? Here's a run down:   Apple Pay is one of the newest contactless ways to pay for products and services. Not quite useable everywhere, its acceptance is growing in Canada, and while it could take a while for more people to come on board...
  3. Apple Unveils New Updates including Siri on Mac, Siri Search for YouTube, Apple WatchOS3, macOS Sierra, and iOS 10

    Industry News
    Today, new Apple updates were announced which will be coming to consumers later this summer and fall. Advancements for Siri capabilities and Apple TV, a new Apple Watch, updates on macOS Sierra, and the unveiling of iOS 10 described by Apple as “the biggest iOS release ever,” were all announced...
  4. Fitbit’s Blaze Now Available For Pre-Sale

    Industry News
    Today, Fitbit announced the release of its new smart fitness watch, the Blaze . Seen as a rival to Apple Watch, the Fitbit Blaze is now available for presale and will be launching globally in retail stores this March. The stylish fitness watch, which allows users to track their all-day...
  5. Confirmed: Apple Pay Coming to Canada This Year

    Industry News
    In a follow-up to news that surfaced this past spring about Apple's mobile-wallet transactions possibly coming to Canada, it was confirmed today that Apple Pay has joined forces with American Express Co. to bring mobile payments to Canada and Australia. The mobile wallet system will be coming to...
  6. Apple Watch Now Available for Pre-Order in Canada

    Industry News
    Apple’s new product, the Apple Watch, is now available for pre-order in Canada. The Apple Watch allows users to do things quickly that would normally be done on a mobile phone but in a more convenient and less obtrusive way, according to Apple. In doing so, the accessory uses new technology to...