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  1. Help with basic setup in-ceiling speakers

    A/V Receivers and Amplifiers
    I was wondering if I could get help from someone or at least direction about where to find the info I need. I just bought a house that has 6 in-ceiling speakers (2 in Living room, 2 in kitchen, one in master bath, one in master bedroom). I know nothing about them - don't even know if they are...
  2. Installing a Wilson Cellular Amplifier at the Cabin

    Bell Mobility, Solo and Virgin Mobile
    Hi folks, My next Project at the Cabin (on Paul Lake near Kamloops, B.C.) is to install a Wilson Electronics 841263 package => Wilson Electronics 841262 DB Pro 65 dB Adjustable Gain 800/1900MHz In-building Wireless Smart Technology IITM Signal Boost. My last big Project at the Cabin was...
  3. Sound bar (Sony HT-CT150)

    A/V Receivers and Amplifiers
    I bought the Sony HT-CT150 3.1 soundbar (with built-in receiver) over the holidays given the sale price ($250) which is attractive. It works fine, but realize now that it is a bit small for the family room (12x16ft). It passed the wife factor, so need to keep it. Now, the same family room...
  4. Parasound Launches Redesigned 5 x 250-Watt THX Ultra 2 Power Amplifie

    A/V Receivers and Amplifiers
    from Press Release issued today (edited for brevity) Parasound, has redesigned its Model 5250 power amplifier after six years as the flagship of its popular NewClassic family of products. The new Parasound NewClassic Model 5250 v.2 is ideal for home theater enthusiasts who want the performance...
  5. Onkyo ships three new high end A/V components

    Industry News
    Onkyo announced today that it has expanded its product line with three new high end THX Certified components including the company's first A/V preamplifier/processor, a matching 150-watt nine-channel amplifier, and a Blu-ray Disc Player. The network-capable Onkyo PR-SC5508 9.2-channel AV...
  6. Integra ships THX-Ultra2 Power Amplifier

    Industry News
    Integra, makers of premium audio and video components, this week announced the availability of the Integra DTA-70.1, a THX Ultra 2 certified nine-channel home theater power amplifier rated at 150-Watts per channel. The heavy duty amplifier, which weighs in at 50 pounds, was designed by the...
  7. Yamaha iPhone app controls your A/V receiver

    Industry News
    Yamaha has released the Receiver Control App for iPhone and iPod Touch, a free application that enables users to control the most-used functions of its network receivers. Version 1.0 of the app can be used with the Yamaha RX-V2065, RX-Z7 and RX-V3900 A/V receiver along with the DSP-Z7...
  8. Signal Amplifiers (Amps, Preamps, Distro Amps)

    Over-The-Air (OTA) Digital Television
    This Preamplifier Comparison Chart was modified by holl_ands from an original chart at Solid Signal to show Max Input for two Strong Signals. It was reformatted into PDF form by stampeder with permission of holl_ands for the OTA Forum. If you have any questions about the data in...