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  1. CBC argues eliminating ads would be bad public policy

    Industry News
    A new twenty-seven page paper from the CBC entitled "Why Advertising on CBC/RadioCanada is Good Public Policy," argues that advertising does not detract from the public broadcaster's mandate and that there is no good public policy reason to eliminate advertising from its television services...
  2. TMN subscribers upset over "bugs" during movies

    Industry News
    Customers of the English language premium pay channel, The Movie Network (TMN), are upset over the stations recent decision to begin airing advertisements. Earlier this month the station, which advertises itself as airing movies uncut and commercial free, began displaying pop up ads during the...
  3. UK Bans Apple 3G iPhone Ad because iPhone is not fast

    Smartphone/Tablet (Android, Blackberry & iOS)
    The U.K.'s advertising regulator banned a video advertisement for Apple's 3G iPhone, saying Wednesday that the ad exaggerates the phone's speed and is misleading. I know the iPhone is likely no faster or slower than other 3G phones but its nice to see someone call companies out on their...
  4. Microsoft withdraws offer to purchase Yahoo (Google too!)

    Home Computing
    Stories at and and