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  1. Mesh network with Actiontec T3200M

    Telus High Speed Internet and Home Phone
    I'm considering getting a Wifi mesh network (something like the Netgear Orbi or the Eero). Ideally I'd like to leave the TV STBs alone and run those off the actiontec and just use the mesh network for the other devices. Has anyone tried this and had success? Is it simple to setup or pretty...
  2. Replacing firmware on Actiontec V1000H

    Internet, Landline and Wireless Phone
    I have an Actiontec V1000H modem/router which has Telus firmware 31.121L.17. I own this router and am no longer with Telus so I want to replace the firmware with the one provided by the manufacturer: Actiontec. I have tried various things but the current Telus firmware does not offer me a way...
  3. D-Link ac3200 replace Actiontec or Advanced DMZ ?

    Bell Aliant Home Phone, Internet, IPTV
    Hello, I just recently had Fiber Op installed and it came with the r3000. I have the one gig down package but my speeds are no where near that. I've also had a drop in connectivity so I've had two technicians in the last few days come and take a look. After moving the Actiontec around and...
  4. Successfully Replaced Actiontec T1200h with Asus RT-AC56U

    Telus IPTV (also known as Optik TV)
    I recently had Telus Optik TV + Internet installed over fiber. I decided I didnt want or need the supplied Actiontec T1200h, as my PVR and STB's were connected through Cat5E, so I set out to run everything off my Asus RT-AC56U instead. After much searching I saw a lot of conflicting posts...
  5. How To Watch Netflix UK on ROKU with Canadian Netflix Account

    Home Theatre Personal Computer & Media Extenders
    This may help anyone with a Canadian registered ROKU and Netflix account to access the Netflix catalogue in another country. My Netflix account was set up in Canada using a Canadian credit card and my correct Canadian billing address, and my ROKU account was activated in Canada using all my...
  6. Actiontec MyWireless TV now shipping

    Industry News
    California based Actiontec Electronics said today that its multi-room wireless video transmission solution called MyWireless TV is now shipping to select retail stores. First announced at CES in January, Actiontec claims MYWireless TV is capable of transmitting a 1080p60 3D signal up to 150ft...