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  1. Rogers Cable - Atlantic Canada
    I noticed the forum for Atlantic Canada for people who use Motorola equipment. I am moving from Halifax to Toronto and wondering is there no way for me to use my Eastlink Motorola DCT6416 III on Rogers? I'm sure it just needs to be flashed to Rogers somehow?
  2. Rogers Cable - Atlantic Canada
    This one is bizarre. Has anyone experienced this? Twice now (since the upgrade), my Motorola DCT6416 III PVR has somehow managed to REVERT its memory to only list shows which were previously recorded, watched, and DELETED a week or so earlier. The only way to describe the problem is as if the...
  3. Television Industry / Channels and Providers
    Has anyone tried the new TELUS PVR service. I am currently looking to buy 1-2 more PVRs. I will be waiting to see what TELUS offers in our area before buying them. My preference would be a better priced SHAW PVR, with a larger drive and/or more functions turned on. :)
  4. Rogers Cable - Atlantic Canada
    This past year, my wife and I have spent lots of money on new toys- 2008 Ultra Classic, 50 inch plasma, built a "cottage" in the yard and 5 days ago, a new HTR-6190 to replace our broken Denon, so we decided not to trade any christmas gifts this year. Well today, I was in town to trade in our...
1-4 of 5 Results