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  1. Shaw Direct Satellite
    Just found out the favourites list , even locked in after editing with go back button rather than exit still does nothing to the channel up & down feature It deliver all channels , ignoring favourites list . So unsubscribed channels show up What a PAIN! This is with 600 & 630 receivers.
  2. Shaw Direct Satellite
    I have the Motorola 600 Essential HD Receiver and have noticed that whenever I tune into CPAC on channel 396 on the classic lineup, the audio is there, the closed captioning is running, but the picture is completely frozen. I have to tune to another channel and then tune back to 396 for the...
  3. Shaw Direct Satellite
    Received an update on my 630 over night to version 06.22.....not sure what's different or improved on it yet as I'm still brewing my morning coffee...just thought I'd give everyone a heads up... 2nd 630 unit is still at 4.06 and cannot be forced to 06.22
1-3 of 3 Results