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  1. Problems Activating older recievers

    Bell Satellite TV Hardware Installation Forum
    So I recently decided to add another dish and a couple of recievers. I have 4 9200 pvrs at home (all proffesioanlly installed) and working well. I bought a dish and 2 3100 refurb combo at the bell store (the guy said they were old models but that was the only box that came with a dish. I spent...
  2. Some SD PVR guidance please

    Bell Satellite TV
    Hi Ya'll, So I'm moving into a new house soon, and they have most kindly agreed to let me have use of their bell subscription just so long as I get my own reciever, therefore I'm looking at purchasing a second hand reciever. I have a nice 36" CRT SD tv that I've got no desire to...
  3. Software Version E661 for ExpressVu 5100 / 5800 / 5900 Discussion

    Bell Satellite TV PVR, HD PVR and HD Receivers
    Bell has announced that a new Software version for the 5100/5800/5900 would be available in January. The exact date for the update is not known. Once it has been released this thread will be for owners to discuss. This thread will replace Software Version E553 for 5100/5800/5900 Discussion...
  4. Installation Questions - See Links in Post 1.

    Bell Satellite TV Hardware Installation Forum
    Edit by 57 - here's a link for the various LNBFs: 92XX series installation: 92XX/94XX Installation 101 - Canadian TV, Computing and Home Theatre Forums Having read the topics of attaining satellite 82 after receiving satellite 91 the...