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4g technology

  1. Xplornet Starts New 4G Satellite Broadband Service

    Industry News
    Residents in many rural areas of Canada previously denied of 4G commercial broadband services, now have access thanks to the EchoStar XVII satellite. Xplornet Communications said EchoStar XVII, a new 4G broadband satellite, has passed all tests and has been cleared for commercial service...
  2. Xplornet Launches Second 4G Broadband Satellite

    Industry News
    Xplornet Communications successfully launched EchoStar XVII, a Hughes 4G broadband satellite, from French Guiana. Xplornet said the launch occurred at 5:36 p.m. Eastern Time on Thursday July 5th, 2012 into a geosynchronous orbit 35,888 kilometers above sea-level. That, basically, is  just high...