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4g lte network

  1. Bell announces major upgrades to 4G wireless network

    Industry News
    Bell today announced an up to 45% speed increase on its existing 4G LTE network. Download speeds on the company’s LTE network have increased from 75 Mbps to 110 Mbps. The telco giant also claims speeds of up to 150 Mbps will be available in some locations. Bell previously announced plans to...
  2. Roam Mobility rolls out unlimited US roaming plans for Canadians

    Industry News
    Roam Mobility yesterday unveiled new plans, pricing and unlimited data for Canadians travelling to the US. The independent roaming replacement provider, founded in 2012, announced its new 4G LTE network earlier this month, promising consumers faster data speeds and enhanced coverage at...
  3. TELUS Plans $1B in Wireless and Network Upgrades for B.C.

    Industry News
    TELUS said that it will be investing $1 billion in new infrastructure and facilities across B.C. in 2013. This is part of a three-year, $3 billion commitment to connect homes and businesses directly to fibre optic cable, extend wireless reach to more communities and expand 4G LTE network...
  4. TELUS Extends 4G LTE Reach in Ontario

    Industry News
    Residents across the Ottawa region are enjoying TELUS' 4G LTE network speeds as part of a $190 million expansion effort in the area over the next three years. Specifically, customers in Kanata, Nepean, Orleans and Cumberland will now be able to use peak download speeds of up to 75 megabits per...
  5. MTS Allstream Hires Ericsson to Build Out 4G LTE Network

    Industry News
    Manitoba residents craving a lightning-fast 4G mobile network in their province will be relieved to know that Ericsson is on the job. MTS Allstream (TSX: MBT) selected the Swedish-based telecommunications leader to furnish the LTE Network to enable commercial services in 2012, such as video and...