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3g wireless

  1. Northwestel Investing $233M to Upgrade Internet & Wireless Services Up North

    Industry News
    Northwestel plans to invest $233 million in its telecommunications network to provide northern Canadians with access to advanced Internet and wireless networks. If the plan succeeds, 99 percent of northerners will enjoy 3G wireless services, which will enable access to the latest handsets...
  2. Rogers Providing 3G Wireless to Sony PlayStation Vita

    Industry News
    Rogers will be providing the wireless connectivity for the 3G-enabled PlayStation Vita when it launches in Canada on October 2nd. While the PS Vita Console with WiFi only has been available since February for $250, expect to pay $300 for the 3G/WiFi bundle. Rogers will be providing the 3G...
  3. Mobilicity New Year’s promo offers free social data on wireless text plans

    Industry News
    Mobilicity announced a new promotion this week which gives subscribers free "social data" on their cheaper voice and text plans and free data on their more expensive $45 a month plan. The alternate wireless company offers four voice text plans which range in price from $25 to $55 per month in...
  4. Mobilicity launches 3G wireless service in Calgary

    Industry News
    Alternate wireless provider Mobilicity has begun offering its 3G Wireless service to residents of Calgary. Phones and service plans can be purchased from more than 70 locations in the city. Calgary is the fifth city in which the privately owned wireless company will offer mobile phone service...
  5. Mobilicity begins 3G wireless service in Calgary on April 28th

    Industry News
    Alternate wireless provider Mobilicity has announced it will be launching its 3G Wireless service in Calgary on Thursday April 28th.   The company says residents of Calgary will be able to purchase its phones and plans from over 70 locations in the city including corporate stores and...