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  1. What's On Blu-ray, DVD and in the theatres.
    Well it has been announced that Dreamworks, in partnership with Samsung, will distribute the movie EXCLUSIVELY to those who buy a Samsung 3d TV. How can this be good for trying to bring 3D TV to mainstream? These are hypocritical deals and it will do nothing but sabotage the success of 3D...
  2. Shaw Direct Satellite
    I was thrilled to get my Samsung UN46C7000 46" 3D LED TV and the BD-C6900 3D Bluray player. I set it up connected to my Pioneer AVR (VSX-9140THX, 5 months old and still the latest model from Pioneer.) 2D anything, no problem, 3D anything, no way. The problem is that 3D requires HDMI 1.4. Why...
1-2 of 2 Results