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  1. Items for Sale
    6131 HD receiver $50 3100 SD receiver $20 manuals for both Dish, 2x LNBs, SW44, power injector - free but you have to take the dish down (I am disabled & can't climb). Contact Peter [email protected] 416-236-2915 click link for picture!AiMsGRQLO0z3hzTBcC8Z6FgPxRHc
  2. Bell Satellite TV
    Hi There, New to satellite and this forum. Looking for answers that I can't seem to find anywhere. I have a standard def Bell 3100 receiver in a separate room that I would like to record some programs from. The TV is also standard def so I don't want to invest in a lot of money to do this...
  3. Bell Satellite TV Hardware Installation Forum
    Should I use 1 or 2 dishes? This is my situation: - I have an existing Bell ExpressVu 18” dish with dual-LNBs; - The dish is aimed at Sat.91 (84% signal); - Each RG6 coax-cable is connected to a separate 3100 SD-receiver; - I’ve had this set-up for about 9 years, and it has worked well. I now...
  4. Bell Satellite TV PVR, HD PVR and HD Receivers
    hi all members my 3100 receivers are slow to change channel sometimes and will not go to next channel have to power off have reset by pulling card and pulling plug any suggestions
  5. Bell Satellite TV Hardware Installation Forum
    Hello, I have a DPP setup with 2 coax cables entering the house from the dish. On one cable I have a 3100 receiver connected, on the other I use the DPP splitter to split the single coax into two coaxes that connect to my 9200 HD PVR (dual tuner). This setup has been working perfectly for about...
1-5 of 5 Results