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  1. Bell Fibe TV
    Hi! Having troubles with my vip2262 pvr (it was slow), I called Bell and I was redirect to the higher service technicien. To reset the pvr, he asked me to unplug the pvr, wait 5 sec, replug-it, wait 5 sec, and repeat until I see an icon of a gear on the screen. (it took about 5 times) The...
  2. Bell Fibe TV
    I'm new to Fibe. I have a 2262 PVR and one 2202 and 2205 all connected via Gigabit twisted pair networks. I have observed one issue that I cannot seem to work around. The remote receivers (2202 and 2205) cannot see the recorded list UNLESS the television connected to the 2262 is turned on. I...
1-2 of 2 Results