4 Things to Know About Original Shows Coming to Facebook

Facebook is creating shows to showcase its own video content.

YouTube Brings Live Streaming to Its Mobile App

YouTube has embedded the ability to do live streaming in its mobile app, with the press of one button.

YouTube Allegedly in Plans to Offer Skinny Bundles for its Forthcoming ‘Unplugged’ Paid Subscription Service

YouTube is allegedly in plans to offer skinny bundles for its forthcoming ‘Unplugged’ paid subscription service.

YouTube Space Toronto Opens its Doors to Content Creators, Offering Free Equipment and Studios

Toronto now has its own YouTube Space, joining eight other cities worldwide with their own Google Inc. space.

Youtube’s Mobile Gaming App is Now Available in Canada

Youtube’s mobile gaming app is now available in Canada.

YouTube To Launch 3 Original Movies and One Series Starring PewDiePie This Wednesday

YouTube to launch 3 original movies and one series starring PewDiePie this Wednesday.

YouTube Announces Paid Subscription Allowing Americans to Watch Ad-Free Videos

YouTube to start a paid monthly subscription that will allow viewers to watch videos ad-free.

Amazon to Quit Selling Apple TV and Chromecast

Amazon to quit selling Apple TV and Chromecast, and to ban third party sellers from doing so.

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