Wireless N Security camera features infrared illumination

For Digital Home owners concerned about what goes on around their house at night, D-Link has introduced its new Wireless N Day/Night Network Camera which can integrate into any wireless home network.

Unlike traditional USB-connected webcams, the D-Link DCS-932L security camera features a built-in CPU and web servers so streaming video can be sent directly to the network without a PC.

Hybrid wireless-N router adds Powerline capabilities

D-Link this week began shipping its latest router, the DHP-1320 which combines the functionality of a Wireless-N Router with Powerline 200 Mbps networking technology. The result is users can share data on their home network wirelessly, through Ethernet or through powerlines.

The entry level router’s power cord itself provides power-line data connectivity so homeowners can just plug a Powerline adaptor into an electrical outlet anywhere in the home in order to extend wired coverage to additional rooms and devices.

D-Link ships eight port Wireless N Router

Thanks to an ever increasing number of Ethernet enabled devices in the home, consumers nowadays are finding that four Ethernet ports on the back of their router is simply not enough.

In addition to multiple computers, todays digital home also contains numerous other devices which require a connection to your network including: network printers, network attached storage devices, video game consoles, Blu-ray players and more.