5 Most Affordable Internet Packages in Quebec

Some of the cheapest internet packages in Quebec come from Acanac, Tek Savvy and others.

Videotron Joins Forces With Others to Create Canada’s First Open-Air Smart Living Lab

Videotron, Ericsson, École de technologie supérieure and the Quartier de l’innovation (QI) have announced the creation of Canada’s first open-air smart living laboratory.

Bell Mobility Named Fastest Mobile Network in Canada

PCMag has assessed the speed of mobile networks across Canada and ranked them according to various elements.

Videotron Customers With a Desjardins Visa Can Now Pay With Their Phones

Videotron customers now have a new mobile payment option available from Desjardins Visa.

Quebec’s Videotron Launches Hybrid Fibre Giga Internet Service

Quebec’s Videotron is launching Hybrid Fibre Giga Internet service.

Videotron Is Now Carrying Live Sports and Additional Content in Ultra HD

Videotron is now carrying live sports and additional content in Ultra HD.

Videotron Acquires Fibrenoire as Business Market Grows in Quebec

Last week, Videotron acquired Fibrenoire in response to Quebec’s growing business market.

Nexus 5X Phone Now Available in Canada

The Nexus 5X mobile phone is now available in Canada.

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