Bell says it will move away from throttling 3rd party internet connections

Bell this week informed its wholesale internet customers that Bell will be moving wholesale internet traffic to new network facilities beginning in November 2011, facilities where bandwidth throttling practices will not be applied.

The announcement means Canadian internet users who are receiving internet service from wholesale providers – also known as third-party Internet access providers – will not have their bandwidth throttled.

Netflix now has 800,000 Canadian customers

California based Netflix announced this week that its online video subscription service added 3.6 million customers in the first three months of this year.

Netflix, which launched in Canada last September, ended March with a total of 23.6 million subscribers, 22.8 million in the U.S. and 800,000 in Canada.

Shaw and Telus expected to implement UBB later this year

In February of this year, Shaw Communications said it would delay the implementation of Usage Based Billing (UBB) on its Internet Service offerings until after the company conducted a series of customer consultations.

Now after five weeks of consultations with it customers in February and March, it appears that Canada’s largest internet service provider will go ahead with its original plan of charging additional fees to consumers who exceed their bandwidth cap.

CRTC holding more hearings into Usage Based Billing (UBB)

The CRTC has announced that it will hold public hearings starting July 11th as part of its now continuing review into wholesale residential high-speed Internet access services.

The new proceedings, which will occur when many Canadians and Canadian politicians are on holidays, were announced just six weeks after Industry Trade Minister Tony Clement announced that Federal Cabinet would not accept the CRTC’s October 2010 decision regarding Usage Based Billing ruling.

Usage Based Billing: Is it a Gigabyte or a Gibibyte?

Usage Based Billing or UBB has been a hot topic for Canadian Internet Users over the last six to eight weeks with hundreds of thousands of Canadians signing online petitions and complaining to their Member of Parliament.

In discussing UBB, the talk usually revolves bandwidth caps which are measured in Gigabytes but in talking to users, it’s clear there is some confusion about what exactly a Gigabyte is so our question today is “Is it a Gigabyte or a Gibibyte?”

Shaw announces dates for customer feedback sessions on Usage Based Billing

Shaw Communications Inc. announced this week that it will hold thirty-five customer consultations concerning Usage Based Billing in regions serviced by Shaw beginning next week.

The sessions will begin in Fort MacMurray on February 23rd and end in Medicine Hat on March 29th.

Bell admits its internet usage meter is faulty

Bell Canada admitted yesterday that its Personal Internet Tracker, the meter which tracks its retail customers internet usage and determines who much extra they must pay for exceeding their bandwidth cap, is faulty.

The admission by Bell that it was overstating Internet usage for a portion of its customers (and overcharging) only came after a Toronto Star story about Bell customers who claimed their internet usage was grossly overstated.

Shaw to delay the implementation of Usage Based Billing

In a press release issued today, Shaw Communications said it will delay the implementation of Usage Based Billing (UBB) on its Internet Service offerings until after the company conducted a series of customer consultations.

In emails to customers over the last two months, the company has been telling customers that it would begin to apply a charge of $1 to $2 per GB for internet usage above the customers bandwidth cap.

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