Here are 7 of the Cheapest Cell Phone Plans in Canada

A summary of 7 of the cheapest cell phone plans in Canada.

Telus is Offering Free Wi-Fi to Toronto Cab Riders

Telus is offering free Internet service to its riders on personal mobile devices.

Telus is Launching 4K TV in Western Canada

Telus is launching 4K TV in Western Canada, and is the only service provider offering it in the area.

Telus to Spend $275 Million in Infrastructure Upgrades in Edmonton in 2016

Telus is spending $275 million in infrastructure upgrades in Edmonton in 2016.

Telus is Investing Millions to Connect More B.C Homes and Businesses Directly to its Fibre Optic Network

TELUS is committing millions of dollars to connect more B.C homes and businesses to its fibre optic network.

CRTC Completes Plan to Bring Internet to Remote Communities in Canada Via Bell, MTS and Telus

The Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) announced today that the introduction of Internet services to many rural communities in Canada is now complete.

Telus and Microsoft Teaming Up to Offer Skype for Business

Telus and Microsoft are teaming up to Offer Skype for Business to Canadian businesses of 250 employees or more.

Ontario Court Rules Peel Police Violated Telus and Rogers’ Cellphone Customers’ Charter Rights

Ontario court rules Peel Police violated Telus and Rogers’ cellphone customers’ charter rights.

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