Teksavvy announces price increases of up to 15%

Teksavvy, a popular third party internet access (TPIA) provider based out of Chatham Ontario, has announced that it is raising the price of its cable and DSL internet packages by as much as 15% effective February 2nd.

The company will also be introducing new cable and DSL Internet packages with varying bandwidth caps in an effort to appeal to more price sensitive consumers and to heavy downloaders who don’t want any bandwidth cap constraints.

Teksavvy Cable Internet Service no longer Digital Home recommended

Founded in 1998 in Chatham Ontario, Teksavvy is a third party internet access (TPIA) provider which has been popular among Digital Home readers for several years for its DSL internet service. Just over a year ago, the company announced a cable internet service which would offer lower prices and more bandwidth than what consumers could get from Rogers Cable.

Bell says it will move away from throttling 3rd party internet connections

Bell this week informed its wholesale internet customers that Bell will be moving wholesale internet traffic to new network facilities beginning in November 2011, facilities where bandwidth throttling practices will not be applied.

The announcement means Canadian internet users who are receiving internet service from wholesale providers – also known as third-party Internet access providers – will not have their bandwidth throttled.

High Speed Internet Smackdown: Rogers vs Teksavvy

An Angus Reid study released this week found that 46 per cent of Canadian respondents would give up watching television before they would ditch using the Internet or their phones.

Thirty-five percent said they would rather give up their phone in order to continue their online and television access, while only 20 per cent would give up their Internet access. The research shows what many Canadians already know, internet access is no longer a luxury in our present day western society, it’s an essential.

Teksavvy now offering VoIP service

Teksavvy, a popular third party internet access (TPIA) provider in Ontario, has recently introduced a new residential Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service called TekTalk.

Designed to compete with the likes of Vonage Canada, Skype, Primus Talkbroadband and Rogers Digital Phone, Teksavvy offers three levels of VoIP service: Basic, Premium and Unlimited.

CRTC holding more hearings into Usage Based Billing (UBB)

The CRTC has announced that it will hold public hearings starting July 11th as part of its now continuing review into wholesale residential high-speed Internet access services.

The new proceedings, which will occur when many Canadians and Canadian politicians are on holidays, were announced just six weeks after Industry Trade Minister Tony Clement announced that Federal Cabinet would not accept the CRTC’s October 2010 decision regarding Usage Based Billing ruling.

UBB coming to cable internet too!

A representative of Rogers Cable has informed me that beginning in July, the company will apply Usage Based Billing to Third Party Internet Access (TPIA) providers.

The decision means that consumers jumping from wholesalers of Bell’s DSL service to wholesalers of Rogers Cable Internet service in order to avoid Usage Based Billing will be disappointed.

CRTC firms up pricing rules on Usage Based Billing

In a telecom decision handed down yesterday, the CRTC has mandated that Bell Canada and other telephone carriers must offer wholesale internet access service providers a 15% discount on retail usage Billing rates beginning March 1, 2011.

Wholesale or third-party Internet access (TPIA) providers, such as Primus Canada or Teksavvy, lease internet capacity from Bell and other telcos and resell Internet services to consumers, typically at rates and service levels superior to the phone companies.

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