CRTC Dismisses Stingray’s ‘Unfair Advantage’ Claim Against CBC

Stingray Digital Group, which operates Galaxie music services, claims that CBC in launching its free music streaming service in February, has an unfair advantage because it has access to government funding. The private broadcaster also said CBC’s copyright licence fees are set at preferential rates and these advantages “harm private enterprise” and “inhibit competition in […]

Galaxie Music to double the number of channels it offers

Montreal based Stingray Digital has announced that it will double the number of music channels available through its Galaxie music service.

Currently delivered via cable, satellite and IPTV in packages of 40 or 45 channels, Galaxie will add Canadian indie and multicultural choices along with more choices in popular music genres.

CRTC approves application for Concert TV

In a broadcasting decision handed down yesterday, the CRTC 2011-599 has approved an application by Stingray Digital application for a broadcasting licence to operate Concert TV.

The station would be a national Category 2 specialty programming undertaking that would be devoted to current and historical music concerts from a wide variety of music genres and related programming. Programming on the station would be 75% English and 25% French.

Rogers On Demand online adds Galaxie music channels

Galaxie, the Montreal based music service formerly owned by the CBC and now owned by Stingray Digital, has announced the launch of their Galaxie Online Music Player on Rogers On Demand online (RODO).

RODO is an online portal where Rogers Cable, Wireless and internet subscribers can watch video from various content providers such as Rogers Media, CanWest and Corus and now where they can listen to their favourite Galaxie music channels.